Page 39 JuneNow that you’ve got the
stark white kitchen of your
dreams, it’s time to
inject some color into it

1.) A light scented candle in the
prettiest shade of yellow adds
some old world charm.
Milk Glass Soy Wax Candle;
Third World Trading Co, OB

2.) These sequined baskets are
fun for storing fruit or taking for
a quick trip to the grocery store.
Stefanie Wolf Designs, Edg

3.) A slightly masculine touch w/a
heavenly scent, these candles are nothing
short of Amazing!
Natural soy wax candles; Often Wander
Sleek MV, Vineyard Haven

4.) Keep one of these soaps
next to the sink for clean, fresh
smelling hands. Box of Assorted
Guest Soaps; Lucia
Available at Bananas located in
West Tisbury

5.) The prettiest coasters you ever
did see! Queen annes lace on teal;
India and Purry
Available at Bananas located in
West Tisbury

6.) Set of 6 napkins and hand towel
by June & December. Available at
Bananas located in West Tisbury

7. No kitchen is complete without
a luxury box of chocolates. These
however are meant to be paired
with wine. it’s a win-win situation!
4 Variety Gift Set; The Brix Collection
Available at Mikel Hunter located
in Edgartown