MV Comedy Fest comedian, Damon Williams answers a few questions…

Damon Williams is a writer, actor and comedian from Chicago. He has appeared on Comedy Central and BET’s “Comicview.” He took over hosting “Showtime at the Apollo” from Steve Harvey in 1999. He also became the opening act on the “Kings of Comedy” tour, according to Comedy Central. Damon is also known for his appearance in films such as 2012’s “Why Do Men Cheat? The Movie” and 2016’s “Not Another Black Movie.” Damon graciously took a few minutes for a Q&A with This Week on MV ahead of his performance at this year’s MV Comedy Fest.

Damon WilliamsQ. When did you first know you were funny?
A. I became aware of my ability to make people laugh during my stint as a city employee in Chicago in the mid-80s. My co-workers began to call me Eddie, as in Eddie Murphy.

Q. What is your act about?
A. There is no definitive answer for a description of my act. It is spontaneous, topical, personal and hypothetical. I run the gamut from a monologue on current events to stories about experiences and then things that I make up. At the Vineyard, my act is more interactive because I host the shows.

Q. Any advice for President Donald Trump?
A. I have little to say to our current president. If I had any advice for him I would tell him to uninstall Twitter, get a haircut and hit the gym more.

Q. What is one of your more embarrassing moments from your childhood?
A. I have to say that one of my most embarrassing moments as a child was when I and some mischievous friends vandalized a neighbor’s house. We got caught, and I get a spanking down the block in front of my friends.

Q. More recently?
A. Later in life, a somewhat embarrassing moment was when a drunk guy tried to fight me on stage. We scrapped a bit before he was ushered out by security. I brushed myself off and continued the show.

Q. Why are you the way you are?
A. I don’t really have an answer as to why I am the way I am. I really don’t think anyone truly knows that about themselves. I would say that I get my courage and fortitude from being a Chicago guy.

Q. What is your favorite event in history?
A. My favorite event in history was witnessing president-elect Barack Obama give his acceptance speech in Chicago. My son was with me. It was a very warm November night, which is rare for Chicago.

Q. What do you want to be when you grow up?
A. RICH! I want to become wealthy so that I can help others and leave a legacy for future generations in my family. That way I can afford to be on vacation in Martha’s Vineyard not just working…ha ha.

Q. How do you spend most of your time?
A. I spend most of my time with my wife (Juanita Bolar). We are pretty much inseparable on most days. She often travels with me. We laugh a lot. She is hilarious.

Q. Who is your dream dinner guest?
A. That’s a really tough question. My second answer would probably be Eddie Murphy. He was an inspiration to me and my career. I have yet to meet him. I’ve met a lot of famous people, including former President Barack Obama– not the new guy. It would be interesting to break bread with Murphy. But my first answer would be Jesus. That way I wouldn’t have to say grace.

Q. What is Martha’s Vineyard more famous for: the movie “Jaws” or the island’s reputation as a playground for the presidents?
A. Currently, it is because of the presidents. People know that the Obama’s vacation every year in August thanks to social media Maybe if “Jaws” had an Instagram page more people would know the movie was based there.

Q. If you were going to make fun of something unique to the Vineyard in you act, what would it be?
A. I would probably make fun of the fact that there is no Starbucks. So those junkies have to find a new way to get their coffee. (side note: While there are no Starbucks on MV, Edgartown Meat & Fish Market does sells Starbucks coffee.)

*Printed with permission from This Week On MV