Page 241.) Free people dress w/silver beading. The Green Room, VH

2.) Vintage crystal necklaces. New Moon Magick, OB

3.) H by hudson Apisi Boots. The Green Room, VH

4.) Vintage bear pin. New Moon Magick, OB

5.) Statement earrings, SOLE, Edg

6.) Shoshanna medallion roscoe dress. Timeless, VH

7.) Freida Rothman Studded triple stack ring. Timeless, VH

8.) Islip sequin top. Jack Wills, Edg

9.) Gold coin earrings. SOLE, Edg

10.) Paola d’Arcano Noce bootie. Timeless, VH

11.) Vintage crystal bracelet. New Moon Magick, OB

12.) Robin Kaplan La Boheme skirt. Bananas, VH

13.) Justicia Ruano nude sparkle top and (14.) bejeweled insect boots. Timeless, VH

15.) Brenda Benware crystal and gold earrings. Driftwood Jewelry, OB

16.) Fornash Gold box clutch. SOLE, Edg.

17.) Clara Sun Woo sparkle top. Laughing Bear, OB