Pre-Beauty Prep for your Wedding Day

September 2016

Hopefully you’ve already started your beauty prep long before the final week of your wedding. But, no matter how high or low-maintenance you want to be, here’s a few beauty tips to keep your routine on track.

You should start this immediately. Start out small and work your way up. Try walking instead of running, yoga, fresh fruit-infused water (easy to do) and homemade smoothies instead of full on juicing. The combination of the two will not only help you deal with the stress of planning your wedding, it will give you glowing skin, more energy and you’ll feel Amazing!

Start a few months before hand to train and sculpt your brows. Maintenance is the key! Don’t skimp out on appointments. If your brows are on the lighter side, consider tinting them. It’s a short, simple process that’ll make your eyes pop.
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Eyelash extensions are one of those wonderful inventions that have both pros and cons. The pros: They look natural, add volume and fullness to your lashes and enhance your eyes without mascara.The cons: costly, monthly visits and mindful maintenance. For your wedding day, we say, “Go for it!”
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For an award-winning smile on your wedding day, teeth whitening is a must! But don’t wait until the last minute. One month before the big day, schedule an appointment with your dentist or try an over-the-counter method like Crest 3D Whitestrips.
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