Page 28~In Festive Looks~

1.) 5-strand red Trilogy necklace.
Stefanie Wolf Designs, Edg.
2, 3, 4) Blue fringe earring, Pia Rossini Monroe glove, Vaneli Akela suede mule. Sole, Edg
5.) Torrington checked dolly coat. Jack Wills, Edg
6.) San Diego Hat Co thick cable knit hat w/pom.
Citrine, VH
7. 8) Niu Fantasy scarf + Michael Tyler perfectly draped L/S dress. Bananas, VH
9.) Donna Saylers Fabulous fur poncho. SOLE, Edg.

10.) Ray-Ban Marshal sunglasses. Summer Shades, Edg
11.) Spicer Bags small standing pouch, black ink.
Stefanie Wolf Designs, Edg
12.) Pella Moda ‘Helga’ velvet slide. SOLE, Edg.
13.) Pepaloves Coloma dress.
Backwater Trading Co, Edg.
14.) Jeffrey Campbell Ravis Beaded Mule. Timeless, VH
15.) Black silk cape sleeve top and palazzo pant and
velvet scarf. Laughing Bear, OB