35A picture, handcrafted and made with love on Martha’s Vineyard. This is made with the cutest shells and carved heart wampum piece, all found on the beaches of MV.
Framed Martha’s Vineyard picture; Sherri Church
Driftwood Jewelry, Oak Bluffs

These adorable satchels are adorned with hand stamped hearts and “Thank you” messages. They’re filled with Austin Designs’ signature scent combinations such as lavender, calming, and clarity with added buckwheat hulls to maintain scent longevity. Great for school, work, traffic, travel or wherever you need a break.
Handmade scent satchels; Austin Designs

These natural stone drink coasters are the perfect gift for a person who likes a clean and modern aesthetic.
Set of 4, stone drink coasters
The Glasshouse, Vineyard Haven

Surprise your dedicated plant person with this modern day watering can. Chantepleure is Bacsac’s modern take on medieval watering cans that gardeners of the time used for carrying collected rainwater for plants. Handmade in France.
Terracotta watering can; Chantepleure
The Glasshouse, Vineyard Haven

These adorable sugar and creamer containers are perfect for displaying on the table during a fresh brewed coffee and donut sesh.
Stoneware sugar and creamer (sold separately)
Brickyard, Vineyard Haven

These canisters adorned with birds will fit in nicely with a country, farmhouse decor. Think Chip and Joanna Gaines and add a herb plant for extra kudos.
Metal canisters, sold separately
Ocean Breeze Bedding, Vineyard Haven

Known as “first stones,” these tiles are placed in a garden or kitchen of a house as a sign of good luck and prosperity, a Sicilian tradition dating back to the 16th century. Fratantoni is a master of his craft, and he has signed each one of our tiles, which he painted freehand. Each tile has a hook on the back.
First Stone Tile: Three Cherries + Apples
The Beach House, Vineyard Haven

Handmade on Martha’s Vineyard, these chocolates will surely put a smile on their face.

Milk chocolate + Dark chocolate covered hazelnuts with sea salt; Enchanted Chocolates
New Moon Magick, Oak Bluffs