Mike B by Julien Harris

Island musician, singer, songwriter and producer- Mike Benjamin || Photo Credit: Julien Harris

Music Has Never Sounded So Good

By Diane Alter

September 2016

You would know Mike Benjamin worked in music even if you just casually passed him on the street. Frontman of the storied and island treasured Mike Benjamin Band, Mike exudes the kind of aura that only true musicians are blessed with. His voice has an earthy cadence that allows every word to roll off his tongue like sweet honey from the lip of a jar. He also possesses a laid-back swagger and deep soul reserved solely for truly accomplished musicians.


Tuning Up || Photo Credit: Kristen Leigh Conklin

Accomplished, indeed. Mike is equal parts songwriter and performer. He has released two original albums and collaborated on scores more. His first paying gig was for Boston’s Museum of Science. Mike was just 13 at the time. From there, he performed in various bands, wrote music, did some session work, and was the voice of TV and radio commercials for Coke, Budweiser, Clorox, Chevrolet, and others.

More recently, Mike and his band are known for having performed for a roster of celebrities and politicians that reads like a list of who’s who. Seth Meyers, Tom Hanks, Mary Steenburgen, and Bill Clinton are among notables who have given the Mike Benjamin Band rave reviews. The band is also highly coveted for parties and weddings, both on and off-island.

Charlotte and Dad fav 2013

Playing with daughter Charlotte at a gig || Photo Credit: Joe Mikos

“Over the years, we have performed at more than 300 weddings,” Mike told Dressed MV. “We mostly play island events, but we have received invitations to perform at and have played at events as far away as California and Texas. We are pretty much booked up from May until October, with June through September being by far our busiest time. We start by providing couples or clients with a song list and ask them to check off songs they like and cross out those they don’t. We also ask for their top 10 favorite songs, many of which wind up in our varied and permanent playlist.”

The Mike Benjamin Band is categorically versatile, flexible, and fantastic. The group adeptly navigates its way through signature hits from Frank Sinatra, Bob Marley, The Rolling Stones, and Bruno Mars. Every song has a unique Mike Benjamin Band spin. Listening to a set is like experiencing a captivating re-evaluation of classic hits.

Julien Harris

Striking Portrait of Mike Banjamin || Photo Credit: Julien Harris

Mike approaches music like a scientist, experimenting with words, verses, and guitar riffs to create a flood of rhythms and emotions. The resulting sound is a musical awakening and an infectious mix that is simultaneously heartbreaking, heartwarming, and at times heart stopping. His music can swiftly transcend from a poignant bluesy sound into a crescendo of upbeat on-your-feet tunes—perfect for getting wedding guests up and dancing.

nicole friedler photography

Mike Benjamin || Photo Credit: Nicole Friedler Photography

It also causes some profound reflection. To be sure, the band expertly addresses moods, romance, the foundation of love, as well as the desired fairytalesque happy-ever-after ending.

“For me, the best thing about performing at weddings is the multigenerational aspect,” Mike said. “We get to bounce around, play a variety of songs, and dig into different styles. It is an honor to play at weddings and it is something we take seriously.”

Mike B - Joe Mikos

Getting the crowd going at Featherstone || Photo Credit: Joe Mikos

Wedding days are meant to be remembered in all serious intensity. When decades have passed, one can still look back and the day will be as vibrant, vivid, and fresh as ever. Ask wedding guests and couples what they remember most, and many will say it is the music, the band, and the fun dancing. But the thing about fun is that it just happens. It cannot be bought or scheduled—unless you’ve got the Mike Benjamin Band.

Mike’s diverse repertoire, textured arrangements, and his band’s dynamic playing creates music with emotion and depth. Every song ends with a longing for just one more–even when you know one more will never be enough.

For more information on Mike and the Mike Benjamin Band:
Website: http://www.mikebenjaminmusic.com/index.php
Music: http://www.mikebenjaminmusic.com/music.php
Contact: http://www.mikebenjaminmusic.com/contact.php