Seafood ShantyImpressive Dining with a Million Dollar View

By Taryn Duran

July 2016

Summer is already here on the Vineyard! The boats are in the water, the streets are alive with people and the weather is pure bliss. Venture down to the shore where you’ll find The Seafood Shanty located on the harbor in Edgartown. The Seafood Shanty has an astounding view that can be experienced while dining. Scenic windows line the downstairs of the restaurant, presenting the picturesque view of the boats in the wharf. The Shanty has numerous key features, including indoor seating with A.C. as well as plentiful outdoor seating selections, complete with a nice breeze overlooking the water. In addition, there are two full bars, one upstairs and one downstairs. There is a casual and an upscale dining area, each offering a spectacular view of Edgartown. The soft tone colored walls that line the inside of the restaurant paired with subtle music creates the perfect combo for a relaxing experience. The Seafood Shanty is a welcoming environment, making it an impeccable spot for families to come and enjoy. Immaculate service and marvelous food makes for a splendid time.

SushiThe Seafood Shanty’s menu offers a variety of dishes. To start off, the first dish was sushi. The presentation alone makes this assorted platter a winner. If the fish was any fresher it would still be swimming. The collection includes, at its best, sashimi, yellow tail, tuna, salmon and a California roll, topped with fish eggs to add a salty element in the mix. The bright colors of the raw fish are as appetizing as they look. The entire concoction is served with ginger to cleanse your palate. Drizzle on some soy sauce with wasabi mixed in to add even more flavor. Sides include shrimp, noodles, wasabi and lemon. Fresh and tasty, this dish will kick off your seafood summer.

Lobster RollNew Englanders look forward to the summer delicacy that is the lobster roll. Fresh lobster is in high demand during the summer months, and is craved by just about everyone. Travelers come from all over to have fresh New England lobster straight off the boat. Look no further for the finest lobster roll. A meal in itself, The Seafood Shanty serves up a hearty plateful of lobster. Named “The Islands Biggest & Best Lobster Roll” this bestseller is made of tender chunks of delicious hard shell lobster meat, mixed with a dab of mayo and a bit of celery served with a side salad. Overflowing with lobster, come prepared to eat and don’t waste one bite. This plate will fulfill summer cravings and is not to be missed.

Mahi TacosEach week at The Shanty a different special is offered. This particular week, Mahi Tacos was on the menu. The taco includes grilled Mahi with a topping of pineapple mango salsa. It is served with chipotle aioli and coleslaw on the side. The Mahi is cooked to perfection, with an added kick. For those with an adventurous appetite, this is the ideal choice. The combination of Mahi fish with the sweet and tangy salsa sends taste buds into overload with the magnificent flavor.

Key Lime Pie 2Those with a sweet tooth will not be disappointed with the dessert menu. The presentation of the sweets brings it to a whole new level. One option is Key Lime Pie, a refreshingly tart slice of heaven made with real key lime juice. This is a regular item on the menu and is a great option when preferring a light and plentiful treat. The key lime pie is drizzled with raspberry sauce and topped with whipped cream, strawberries and a lime. It is tempting to the eyes as well as the palette.

The Tiramisu, offered as a weekly special, is always the perfect decision. Light and fluffy, this is an ideal choice when craving a combination of coffee and chocolate. Sprinkled with confectioner’s sugar and chocolate sauce, whipped cream and strawberries are added to complete the delicious dessert. The Seafood Shanty knows how to finish out a meal with delectable desserts. A perfect ending to a perfect meal. Stop in and see for yourself!

TiramisuWhether sitting on the deck overlooking the water with a sea breeze, or inside gazing at the view, The Shanty provides it all. The food is top quality. The environment is inviting and friendly to people of all ages. And the service speaks for itself. The Shanty offers endless music and theme nights throughout the summer to bring the community together. The mood upstairs is a lively, a great scene for socializing, while downstairs is made for a more intimate occasion. Meant to please, The Shanty extends its customers with an impressive dining experience and lasting memories.