Detoxing can be a great way to strengthen and nourish your body. Find out how toxins affect your system and what you can do to achieve a well-balanced and functional body for the summertime and beyond.

Let’s face it, we all indulge a little too much from time to time. This holds true whether we are talking about alcohol, food, sweets, or a number of other vices. Remember the old adage “everything is okay in moderation”? While I don’t necessarily agree with this fully (there are definitely some things we should always avoid!) the point is simple: there are times when we all indulge a bit too much. This is when a body detox or a variety of other treatments and services might help put our body back into balance.

How do toxins affect your body?

Our body has a sophisticated system that works to eliminate unwanted substances and waste. The skin, digestive system, liver, kidneys, and lungs work to independently and synergistically eliminate waste and toxins. When one or more of these systems are overworked or not functioning optimally, it can affect your body’s ability to filter waste products and function adequately. Engaging in an unhealthy lifestyle, such as exposure to toxins or irritants can hinder the abilities of our natural detoxification system. Even the occasional splurge can adversely affect this process and cause symptoms.

How do you know if your body’s detox system is not working effectively?

Since several systems in our body work to eliminate toxins, a variety of effects can result from sub-optimal functioning. Symptoms typically depend on what your body is lacking, or on what you have been indulging in. Most common short-term effects include fatigue, mental fog, headaches, difficulty sleeping, nausea and impaired digestion, anxiety, aches and pains, and skin disturbances including oily, congested skin or dry, hypersensitive skin. Long-term consequences are related to inflammation, oxidative stress and cell damage, which can eventually lead to a variety of chronic health conditions.

What can you do to help?

This process is twofold. First, we need think about ways we can cleanse our body of toxins and impurities. Next, we need to nourish the body and infuse it with what it is lacking.  Now, before you go on some crazy fad detox diet, please read the following list of safe and effective things you can do to support your body and get it back to optimal functioning.

Infrared saunas – Detoxifies and strengthens the body’s immune system and helps the body’s biochemical processes function more efficiently.  You can seek out infrared sauna therapy at Sea Spa Salon (Edgartown), and Divine Med Spa (Edgartown).

Body wraps – I would not support the use of body wraps as a means of weight loss (I am referencing the body wrap fad from years ago).  However, with the use of herbal therapies and mineral tinctures, body wraps can be a safe and effective way to aid in detoxification.  Body wraps are coming very soon to Divine, so stay tuned!

Carbon Laser Facial – This no-downtime treatment is the latest celebrity trend.  While it leaves skin firmer and smoother, its benefit in skin detoxification is unparalleled. A charcoal mask is applied to the skin, pulling toxins from the body like a magnet, and a special laser blasts away the carbon mask removing dead skin cells, black heads, toxins and oil deep within the pores. We are thrilled to offer this new treatment, which is exclusive to Divine.

The Carbon laser facial is a no-downtime, celebrity trend treatment, and is now being offered exclusively at Divine Med Spa located in downtown Edgartown.

IV vitamin infusions – IV vitamin clinics have taken party cities by storm in recent years. Why? Because they offer a quick fix for the common hangover. However, they also have an array of other indications based on detoxification and promoting optimum wellness. Dr. Tomas Redner, MD, who specializes in regenerative medicine and age management, has partnered with Divine Med Spa to offer customized infusions based on his 40+ years of experience.

Juice cleanses – Juice cleanses can be a great adjunct in detoxifying your body. Andrea Peraino, owner of Juice by the Sea (Vineyard Haven, MA), says that juicing “floods your body with enzymes, vitamins and minerals to support optimal body function”. Aside from detoxification and regulation of digestion, Andrea says many of her clients also report increased energy levels.

Juice by the Sea

Andrea Peraino, owner of Juice by the Sea (Vineyard Haven, MA), says that juicing “floods your body with enzymes, vitamins and minerals to support optimal body function”.

Lifestyle changes – There are a number of things you can do on your own to help support your body’s functioning and natural detoxification. Among these include ample water intake (this means a minimum of 8 cups a day!), avoidance of inflammatory agents: refined sugars, gluten, dairy, and alcohol. In addition, a daily exercise routine, with ample sleep provides the extra added support for your system.

Keep in mind this list is not all-inclusive. There are many other things that can be helpful on your wellness journey. The ones mentioned above are tried and true, and what I recommend to patients in my own practice. While prevention is always best, in reality we are all human. We all know the things we should do, but sometimes we make mistakes… good thing we have such great wellness providers here on island to help us when we waver.

Dr. Dina BenDavid, DNP, MS, FNP-C
  • Dr. Dina BenDavid, DNP, MS, FNP-C

  • The owner of Divine Med Spa in Downtown Edgartown, and creator of the Divine Lift™
  • Dr. BenDavid has trained with the world’s top aesthetic experts and is highly sought-out for all things beauty. Specializing in injectables and creator of the Divine Lift™, her approach incorporates a natural intention in facial balancing.