Perfumeria Gal Madrid Vintage Strawberry Vaselina Fragranced Balm


Iconic Spanish fragranced balm vaselines in art nouveau tins. Multi use as a fragrance, lip treatment or as a lip balm.
Strawberry Vaseline Fraganced Lip Balm; Gal Collection
The Beach House, Vineyard Haven


A creamy, muted pigment made entirely from natural elements. Clays, roots, petals, and oils make these tints a natural and safe option for a pop of color on lips and cheeks.
Lip + Cheek Tint; Among the Flowers
citrine x trust; Vineyard Haven


This mask is based on the skin clearing treatment from Hawaii. Pineapple and papaya enzymes are combined with organic pumpkin to create a mask that encourages cell turnover, to reveal a smoother, fresher completion. Salicylic and lactic acids help decongest and clear up trouble spots, while white tea extract protects skin from further damage. And, it smells amazing! You’ll want to leave this on your face forever.
Enzyme Resurfacing Mask;
Bluewave Body Company– find them at the Chilmark Flea Market + Vineyard Artisans Festival


The Gentle Shampoo is a low-sudsing shampoo that delivers superior moisture to your hair along with strength and shine. Follow up with the everyday Crème Rinse for soft, shiny and manageable locks. The Detangling Serum keeps your hair soft, manageable, and protected. Great for use after swimming. Rinses away when you take your next dip. All three are gentle enough to use for everyday.
Gentle Shampoo, Creme Rinse, + Detangling Serum
Bluewave Body Company– find them at the Chilmark Flea Market + Vineyard Artisans Festival

Eminence-Organics-Stone-Crop-Body-Collection-Retail-w-PlantBODY CARE

Buff and resurface the body with the Stone Crop Revitalizing Body Scrub. The Stone Crop Contouring Body Cream was created to tone, tighten and help reduce the appearance of cellulite. The Stone Crop Body Oil is a lightweight formula that absorbs quickly for a matte satin finish to soothe your skin
The Stone Crop Body Collection; Eminence
Revive by Sarka, Vineyard Haven